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Indonesia’s handcrafted wooden toys.


The Founders, Meldi & Rivi are like sisters who share a mutual dream. To make little twinkles happy every time they open a box of toys to play.


Toys that are beautiful enough to display in our homes. The kinds of toys to substitute home decorations that we often disallow our kids to touch because we’re afraid they might break it; toys that has the ability to make them smile and their beautiful eyes twinkle with joy. We find these things in timeless wooden toys.

With full hearts, they decided to collaborate with a father who's been in Indonesia’s wood industry for a long time.  They all grew with the process and they believe Indonesia’s wooden artisans have so much potential, a strong willingness to learn.

They took a long time to explore the materials, to make  different shapes of toys inspired by established local as well as international wooden toy brands. They started making samples with the help of “heart”-working Indonesian wooden artisans who are also in need to support families of their own. They upcycle wood waste; which would otherwise be useless and take up much space in landfills. They are cleaned, chosen effectively, and processed with food-grade finish, in order to create beautiful little pieces that will be safe for little mouths and hands.


“you’re not buying a thing, you’re supporting each and every one of our dreams.”

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