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Olli Ella was founded in London in 2010 by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman. The name Olli Ella comes from a combination of their first and middle names. The brand designs timeless products that are unlike any other. They use natural materials, all sourced sustainably, and their focus is on craftsmanship and ethical production. They draw their inspiration for their designs from their nomadic childhoods spent travelling and exploring the world. Their pieces are easily identified by their vintage-aesthetic, simple lines and use of natural materials. Their mission is simple, to design beautiful sustainable products that are perfect for playtime that look stylish for your child’s nursery but that will also fit anywhere in your home.

Dinkum Dolls, Dozy Dinkums and the Cozy Dinkums are the signature to Olli Ella's range. Dinkum Dolls are full of love and wonder, children can snuggle them, dress them and style their hair. Each Dinkum Doll is unique and looking for their owner to name them and decide who they are. Dinkum Dolls were made to be loved and cared for, to inspire a sense of friendship and nurturing in the hearts and minds of little people. They are soft-bodied, posable, plus they can even stand up, they are full of character which provide a source of comfort and delight for children.

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Meet our new friends,
the latest additions to the iconic Dinkumverse, ready to steal your heart !

Dozy Dinkums make a beautiful gift for newborn babies, they will be their introduction to the Dinkum World. Dozy Dinkums are beautiful additions to your Dinkum Doll family for older kids too. They are soft and snuggly with lolling limbs and a floppy head - just like a happy sleeping new born baby. They harness the magic of play to show future big brothers and sisters how to hold their new sibling. Cozy Dinkums are so cuddly and cute, sleeping soundly in their warm furry suits.

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