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Story Time


Our journey begins with parenthood. As parents, we are constantly finding and researching on safe, interesting and sustainable toys which could help our little girl to grow and learn while fulfilling the entertainment role. In this process, we found out that there are a lot of high quality toys available in overseas but not in Malaysia. 


“Why don’t bring in these toys to our country, so that the parents here have a better choice in pampering their kids and at the same time, make our world more sustainable for the future of our kids?”


With this thought in mind, Kids de World was born. We commit our mission to source, promote and sell all kind of high quality, safe and sustainable toys. In Kids de World, we believe every kid, no matter where he/she is, deserves a precious toy. As our name “Kids de World”, we aim to create a play paradise for kids, which is not only entertaining but also sustainable and educational.



Safety First

We will only stock toys which are made of non-toxic and sustainable material.


Educational Value

Toys that stimulates creativity and imagination, improve attention and concentration, aids in physical development, mental development, social development and cognitive development.


Stability and durability

Toys that can last for many years due to its solid material and robust nature.


Foster family value

Toys that are not only attractive for kids, but also encourage involvement of parents and other family members.


Trendy and stylish

In addition to encouraging play, toys with trendy and stylish design are a piece of aesthetics which cultivate the art sense of kids.

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