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Bumbu Toys was founded by a husband and wife in Bran commune, Brasov county, inside Romania, which is located 1000m above the sea level. Both founders come from traditional carpenter family. 


Bumbu consult pedagogues and psychologists to help make engaging toys that work for open ended play and allow children to develop individual characters and personalities. With such toys, children can perceive the world around them as better. They can relive all experiences through the game, easily recreating fantasy game themes, which come to life. The principle of their toys is to be as simple as possible. The more complicated these toys are, the more they block the power of children to imagine their stories and to look for new ways to play.


Each of their toys are coated with vibrant, non-toxic paints and safe organic oils to help bring them to life, ensuring they can be enjoyed for generations and are 100% recyclable.

Photo credit: @iamrhodababe,

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