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Foundation. PlanToys was formed in 1981 with a great idea:  to promote sustainability and find ways to preserve and protect the earth.

Sustainability & Innovation. PlanToys is the first company in the world to use reclaimed rubber wood to make wooden toys. Having been in the industry for around 40 years, they have never cut down a single tree for production. They are constantly exploring innovative ways of production process, for example, the leftover sawdust is used to create “PlanWood”, which is then used to produce several categories of toys. Additionally, wood chips and rubber tree roots are used to produce electricity in PlanToys factory.

Product Safety. All PlanToys products are produced from chemical-free, kiln dried rubber wood (instead of using chemicals as preservatives). Formaldehyde-free E-zero glue (which they make themselves) is used for assembly and water-based, non-toxic dyes or organic colour pigments are applied to their product. Their packaging are biodegradable and eco-friendly soy ink is used for printed material.

Design for Development. PlanToys are passionate about child development. Their toys are designed intentionally to help promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. They not only cultivate the freedom of play in children in their early development, but also bring them close contact with nature.

Certification & Awards. All PlanToys products not only meet but exceed international toys safety standards such as ASTM and EN-71. They have also gained international recognition by receiving more than 70 international awards.

The Society. PlanToys believes in “BETTER KIDS, BETTER WORLD”. They strives to achieve the mission not only by constantly enhancing their production process and quality of toys, but also by giving back to society and environment through various environmental and educational campaigns such as Mom-Made Toys Project, PlanNeramit, PlantToys Children’s Museum, Plan Loves Forest Program etc.

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