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CLiCQUES [kliks] is a young brand with a simple concept following four main principles: design, handmade quality, sustainability and originality. CLiCQUES tended to offer a beautifully designed and interesting toy to satisfy a conscious parent. They set out to design a product, which would be good in many ways: beautiful, high-quality, educational but also a sustainable, long-lasting toy for your children as well as playful decoration for your home. These aspirations lead them to creating lovely and fun wooden peg dolls in a minimalist design and with a unique feature.

After 10 years of creating super-delicate and completely handmade decorative products under the name DORIMU their goal was to keep the handmade quality also in the CLiCQUES story. Not only have they chosen high-quality and of course certified materials for CLiCQUES, they are also handmade and hand-painted. CLiCQUES are made from scratch and with a lot of love in EUROPE.


GOOD TOYS: CE certificate, high-quality European hornbeam, child-safe paints and varnishes, HANDMADE IN SLOVENIA

EDUCATIONAL: inspire imagination, great for learning colours and colour combinations, genders, instilled the value of diversity and inclusive, help improve motor skills

FUN: magnet toys, super cool houses with custom backgrounds, DIY kits, beautiful garden, a never-ending story

ECO-FRIENDY: no plastic, environmentally friendly colours and varnishes, the box is an integral part of the toy

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