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Raduga grez logo_480x480.jpg

Raduga Grez is a Russian family run brand for dreamers and visionaries. They are making toys to celebrate creativity and open mind. 

They create toys with ambition to make toys as art. They take great pride in making toys by hand from solid wood and using non-toxic water based paint, preserving the wood pattern and texture in every toy. 

They are making toys in small batches as they believe that less is more and that naturally handmade toys have soul. Every step is done manually. They only source wood from responsible suppliers, and try to do their best to avoid plastics in packaging. Their toys are packed in carton boxes or sewed cotton bags.

The wood used is mainly linden wood, which is light, does not splits into chips and is ideal for making toys. The colors used are German Biofa oils and paints, which have the strictest safety certificate EN71 and are approved for coloring children's toys.

We hope you would love these premium toys by Raduga Grez as much as we do. 

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