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Magic Wood have created a range of natural, bark covered wooden toys that will spark creativity and imaginative play, with sustainability at their heart. With over 25 years of experience making high quality wooden toys, the Magic Wood workshop produces a range of open-ended wooden play bricks and dolls treehouses from FSC wood and reclaimed branches – no trees are felled to produce many of these toys. Each part is carefully sanded and finished with natural and non-toxic flaxseed oil for durability and playability, and the bark is left on for natural texture. Bark covered blocks are heat treated to fuse the bark to the wood, providing a strong and robust bond. Based in Poland near the German border, Magic Wood employs 30 highly skilled carpenters and painters, as well as around 50 homeworkers to produce their beautiful toys. Bring your child in touch with nature with these wonderfully tactile wooden toys. 

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