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Scrunch have been designing, manufacturing and selling award-winning scrunchable silicone toys for small hands for 18 years. They seek to promote and encourage learning through fun and play, whether sifting, pouring, measuring or just messing about and splashing. 

Scrunch products are made of recyclable and reusable 100% silicone. They hope to see single use plastic toys replaced with squidgy, soft, durable, foldable and recyclable scrunchable products. 

Travelling with Scrunch is easy-peasy as everything simply squishes into pockets, the smallest spaces, yet bounces back into shape when needed.

Why Scrunch?

- Made with food grade silicone which is non-toxic - super safe even for young children, double as pet bowl or plant pot.

- Recyclable, reusable and durable - no more cracked plastic buckets on the beach - Scrunch bucket is a Bucket for Life – made from 100% recyclable silicone – it will last a long time!!

-Easy to store - soft and foldable- Pop them in your hand luggage, store them easily in a small space.

-Washable - easy to clean.

-Can be used for anything, anywhere, anytime -  ideal for outdoors and indoors, the beach or the bedroom, the bathroom, the study or the playroom.

Roll them, fold them, scrunch them!

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