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Banwood is a family-owned lifestyle brand based in Berlin, Germany, with a passion for creating high-end products for children. They create beautiful bikes for children with a contemporary design and touch of mid-century charm. Influenced by Scandinavian design, the keywords throughout the creative process are simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Their focus lies in creating the finest first bikes for kids, as safe as they are timeless, and ones which will motivate children from an early age.


In addition to balance bike and classic bike, Banwood products extend to helmet, tricycle and scooter. All of their products are made using sturdy and durable high- quality materials. The frames are steel and the handlebars aluminium. The saddles and grips are cut from high-end faux leather/rubber. The characteristic, detachable wicker basket is made of rattan and is ideal for packing the essentials for a day’s adventure.


All Banwood products are tested rigorously to fulfil strict safety and quality standards.


Banwood Scooter features Banwood’s patented Easy Ride System which facilitates the steering, an exclusive plywood non-slip scooter deck, an adjustable T-bar to adapt as the child grows, comfortable rubber grips and their characteristic wicker basket for bringing the essentials out for the adventure.


Banwood 12-inch retro balance bike for kids is designed with a minimalistic Scandinavian style and available in a wide range of patterns and colors so it’s easy to find the first balance bike for your little boy or girl. Balance bike is the ideal first bike and the best way to introduce your little one to cycling as it develops their fine and gross motor skills by promoting mobility and steering to ease the transition to a pedal bike without using training wheels.

Balance bikes are a great way of getting children to practice their balance and steering and give them more control as they have their feet on the ground to move forward. 

Please read this article from Cadel Evans, a former Australian professional racing cyclist and winner of the 2011 Tour de France for the reasons why balance bikes are great for kids. 

Banwood balance bikes are recommended for kids > 2-years-old.


Banwood 16-inch kids bikes come with attachable training wheels, making it the ideal first pedal bike for your little rider. Featuring a brown vegan leather saddle and grips in matching color, Banwood’s unique rosewood vintage pedals, 16-inch cream tires and a detachable wicker basket – perfect for packing the essential for a day’s adventure and your mini me cyclist will be the coolest kid on the block.


 Banwood 16-inch children's bike is recommended for boys and girls from 4 years old. To find out if our classic kids bike will fit your junior rider perfectly, we suggest measuring the inside of their legs and compare it to the seat height which can be adjusted between 46-57cm.

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