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Nic Toys is a traditional wooden toy manufacturer based in southern Germany. For 25 years, they have been producing special, stable and creative toys which provide endless possibilities and train combination skills, motor skills and aid in development of senses and logical thinking. They encourage children to let their imagination run free to create their own play worlds.  

Nic wooden toys are of high quality and designed with children in mind. They are made from solid wood which last for generations. A number of their products have been acknowledged by the Working Committee “Spiel Gut” (“Good Play”) for their play value. They are also CE marked and in compliance with the European Standard for the safety of toys (EN71). All of the toys are made from natural materials such as sustainable FSC/PEFC wood and wool.

There are three brands under Nic Toys – Nic, Walter & Glückskäfer (means Lucky Bug). The ‘Colourful Shapes’ range by Glückskäfer are the main range that we are bringing in . The surface of the blocks and pieces feel a little rough making them less slippery and easier to stack. This also ensures a sensory rich experience for the child. Glückskäfer toys are beautifully crafted following Waldorf and Montessori philosophies that encourage children to discover creative play independently.

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