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Bauspiel-Sparkling Roofs (Natural 12 pcs)

Bauspiel-Sparkling Roofs (Natural 12 pcs)


Turn your gaze to the sparkling rooftops of a magical and enchanted land. Transform simple building block constructions into palaces of magic and wonder. The smooth ergonomic design of the shapes, coupled with the enchanting colours within them, make them a real treasure for children.


Children will be developing their sensory perception whilst playing with these things of beauty, and the sparkling gems encased in the pieces will transport your child to the fairy tale world they are creating.


This set includes 12 alder wood roof pieces, each with one or two colourful sparkling stones. There are 6 different window shapes with 2 pieces each. 


Difference with Fairytale Window : Fairytale Windows are two-sided, transparent and see through, while Sparkling Roofs are one-sided, sparkling but not see through.


  • Brand

  • Product Dimension

    Windows Size: 6-15 cm in length, 5-10 cm high, 2.5 cm wide
  • Age

    Age 3 and above