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Ocamora - Rainbow Bonsais

Ocamora - Rainbow Bonsais


Perfect for small world pretend play, these 10 Ocamora Rainbow bonsai trees are not only gorgeous in their rainbow hues, they are a great size for young ones.


Each bonsai tree has a different shape and Color: 5 of them are in warm autumn & spring colours, while the other 5 are in cool wintry colours.


Use these bushes to teach them about our natural world. These bonsai trees are really sturdy pieces although they are smaller than the Ocamora Trees. They still come with the wood grains clearly kept with the dyeing of the wood naturally.


Made with wood from sustainable forests with FSC and PEFC certification and dyes comply with the European standard for the safety of toys EN 71/3.


Note: This is a handmade item so the shades may differ from the shades on the screen. Details, texture and size may vary slightly. Tree knots or streaks of wood are possible as they are part of the tree. In fact you are lucky enough to find one in your toy - you will have a unique piece! The above do not qualify for exchange/return.