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Gluckskafer Toskana Block (Large, 36 parts)

Gluckskafer Toskana Block (Large, 36 parts)


Build colourful towers and cities, and craft mesmerising patterns and mandalas with this fabulous 36-piece wooden block set. This set of wooden building blocks includes arches, semi-circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. Building blocks are a great way to develop children's co-ordination and inspire imaginative play. These Waldorf inspired blocks are beautiful toys for children - ethically crafted from solid wood and stained with natural colours that allow the grain to show through.


The 36 solid wood blocks come in a wooden frame for easy storage and can also be used to display children's makes. These stunning blocks come in a range of different shapes and sizes and are sure to inspire future architects to get creative. Combine with other block sets for unlimited building possibilities.


Playing with these blocks encourages creativity and fine motor skills, and can be used to promote colour and shape recognition.


Made from solid wood and finished in waterbased colour stain which retains the natural features of the wood. FSC certified European wood.


The Colourful Shapes range by Gluckskafer are painted with water-based colours and left unlacquered to bring out the original characteristics of the wood to ensure that the grain shows through. The surface of the blocks and pieces feel a little rough making them less slippery and easier to stack. This also ensures a sensory rich experience for the child. Gluckskafer toys are beautifully crafted following Waldorf and Montessori philosophies that encourage children to discover creative play independently.